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Research shows technology can help support teachers to re-allocate between 20%-30% of their time towards the activities they feel would be more impactful. Potentially this reallocated time could lever technology to deepen personalized learning and the development of social and emotional skills.

Only 42% of employers

believe new graduates are adequately prepared for the workforce. Preparing students for work and life is a tough career, and we are here to help.

Educate more effectively and create more impact with cloud computing

Preparing the class of 2030

The future of learning will be student centric: social, personalized and supported by technology

  • 70% of teachers say time is a barrier to delivering personalized learning
  • Personalized learning can help 70% of students achieve more
  • Up to 51% teachers report strong relationships with their students… but only 34% of students agreed. This is why communication is important
  • Teachers get up to 30% of time back, gain insights into individual learning, and can amplify the abilities of all students.
  • Personalized Classrooms

    Personalization is among the most effective means for accelerating academic and cognitive growth. In a study analyzed for our research, students in schools using personalized learning practices made greater progress across 2 years, with statistically significant effects in both math’s and literacy. Benjamin Bloom’s landmark 1984 study, “the 2 Sigma Problem,” found that students who received personalized instruction outperformed 98% of traditionally taught students.


    Increase Feedback

    We know that feedback has one of the greatest impacts on learning yet the greatest variation between responses by teachers and students was found to be around ‘When I get feedback, it’s personalized’, students 44% compared to teachers 60%.



    Microsoft & AWS Can Help Power Your Classroom

    Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and collaboration platforms. The potential lies in their ability to amplify and extend what makes us uniquely human.